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June 1, 2021

The Good Stuff

We may be gearing up for summer break, but Formative isn't slowing down! Here are some great updates for this month: 

  • Add questions to any content type
  • See student demographics data in Formative
  • Other improvements to make Formative even easier for teachers and students

Enhance any content with questions

When adding a multi-media content item (the red buttons), you can now attach questions in the same way you can with uploaded pdfs. A great way to group questions together and allow students to view content while answering.

Note: Content that is added with no questions will appear as stand-alone items for students. You do not need to attach questions.

Demographics Reporting

Click on the total percentage in View Responses, and you can see demographic data in the right side panel. Talk to your Success Manager about how you can set this up for your school or district!

Note: Your school or district must have auto-rostering set up in order to view demographic data.

Create a new formative when posting to Canvas

When adding an assignment to an LMS that allows you to pick from a list of formatives using the LTI integration (e.g. Canvas), you can now create a formative from within the "Find" option. This allows you to use the LTI launch preview to edit the formative, set its title, and assign it to the appropriate class.

Note: School and District accounts only. Individual premium and small teams/departments do not have access to LTI integration.

Additional Changes

  • Set an icon for a class: From the Classes tab, select a class, choose "Edit", and select an icon instead of a two-letter abbreviation.
  • Student Dashboard improvements: When a student views their home page with the list of formatives, we now show the name of the class that was assigned (or "Guest" for guest assignments) plus the avatar/icon/initials of the teacher that assigned it.
  • Change settings within folders: When you are viewing a folder you can move / rename / share / publish that folder without navigating to the parent folder. Keep yourself organized without the headache of losing your folders!
  • Search bar in Standards modal: You can now use the search bar to find the standards set you are looking for. No need to scroll endlessly!
  • Set language when publishing: When publishing formatives, set the language that the formative is written in to make it more visible and searchable to other users. Find out more about our Library by clicking here!

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes for 6/9/21:

  • Categorize audio bugs listed below are now fixed:
  • Audio responses were not visible/playable for categorization question
  • In student view, audio added was unavailable/unplayable and displaying as three dots

Bug Fixes for 6/8/21:

  • Emojis displaying in black and white are now reflecting in color again
  • Hyperlinks that were not clickable within student preview/student side are functioning
  • LaTex is rendering correctly on student side

Bug Fixes for 6/7/21: 

  • Fixed scrolling behavior in in teacher preview sidebar that now allows you to scroll through questions while still seeing content. All enhanced content now scrolls the same way.

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